Volume 10

Automatic Three-Dimensional Bicycle Garage Design
  • Yi Chen1 and Shiying Zhao2
    1Loughborough University, UK, 2Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China


    At present, double layers bicycle garage and single layer bicycle garage are mostly used in the market, and the double layer bicycle garage is also operate by manual adjustment. The purpose of this paper is to design an intelligent bicycle garage with multiple combination units, which can set up an ideal number of frames according to different locations and different needs, and according to the size of the local location, several arrangement and combination can be selected, so our stereoscopic garage is more practical and convenient. This design adopts the parking board, frame, sprocket chain mechanism, belt conveyer mechanism and the horizontal movement mode similar to the sliding rail to complete the automatic access bicycle. The vertical rise and fall are driven by four synchronous motors to drive the sprocket chain drive, and the horizontal move is realized by belt wheel drive and auxiliary baffle. This stereo garage can be flexibly according to people's needs in the garage to mobilize the bicycle, meet people take the car at any time, parking at any time. Improve the use of space and beautify the city at the same time. It has the advantages of high density, flexible layout, low cost, convenient use and good social benefits.


    Bicycle garage, Automatic access, Sprocket chain lifting mechanism, Belt conveyer.

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