Volume 10

Mathematical Modeling of the Working Temperatures of a Generator Set Powered by a Diesel – Jatropha Oil Blend
  • Ramón Arias Gilart, Dignora de las Mercedes Dinza Verdecia, Carlos Eduardo Alfaro García, José Francisco Falcón Hernández,
    Universidad de Oriente, Cuba


    In this work, mathematical models were developed to correlate the working temperatures of a diesel engine with the load and the oil content of Jatropha curcas in diesel. A Lister Petter indirect injection engine was used and a blend of diesel with 5 and 10% jatropha oil. A Factorial Design was used to plan the experiments and the Response Surface Methodology (RSM) to develop the correlations. The models obtained are used to predict the temperatures of the exhaust gases of the cylinders and the temperatures of the coolant at the inlet and outlet of the radiator. The JCO content in the fuel did not cause significant changes in exhaust gas or coolant temperatures. The diesel mixture with 10% Jatropha curcas vegetable oil does not produce changes in the thermal behavior of the engine, so it can be used directly in this type of engine without making any modifications.


    Engine, Renewable energy, Vegetable oil, Load.

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