Volume 12

November 2023, Volume 12, Number 4

    Special Issue - 8th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ME 2023)

  • An Inspection Technology of Inner Surface of the Fine Hole Based on Machine Vision 
    Rongfang He, Weibin Zhang and Guofang Gao, Institute of Chemical Materials, China

August 2023, Volume 12, Number 2/3

    Special Issue - 6th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (MEN 2023)

  • Passive Cooling on the Performance of Photovoltaic Solar Panels Operating in Extremely Hot Weather 
    Mohammad Zuhour, Osama M. Ibrahim and Nawaf Aljuwayhel, Kuwait University, Kuwait
  • Molecular Dynamics Study of the Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Sio2 Silica During Cooling Between 5000 and 300k 
    Alain DZABANA HONGUELET1,2,4, Georges Désiré BIDILOU 2,4,5, Charlemagne Franklin MOUSSOKI2,4,5 and Timothée NSONGO1,2,3, 1Marien Ngouabi University, Congo Brazzaville,
    2Research Group on Physical and Chemical Properties of Materials, Congo Brazzaville, 3Geological and Mining Research Center, Congo Brazzaville, 4Association Alpha Sciences Beta Technologies, Congo Brazzaville,
    5Ecole Normale Supérieure, Congo Brazzaville

    Special Issue - 9th nternational Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (AME 2023)

  • Optimal Design and the CFD Verification of a High Efficiency Axial Flow Fan 
    Chan Lee1, Seung Wook Kim2 and Hyun Taek Byun3, 1University of Suwon, Republic of Korea, 2PIDOTEC, Republic of Korea, 3Kyungwon-Tech, Republic of Korea

February 2023, Volume 12, Number 1

    Special Issue - 5th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (MECH 2023)

  • Vibration Analysis of Airfoil Model with Nonlinear Hereditary Deformable Suspensions 
    Botir Usmonov, Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology, Uzbekistan