Current Issue

June 2024, Volume 14, Number 2
  • Special Issue - 3rd International Conference of Multidisciplinary & Interdisciplinary Bioscience (MIBIO 2024)
  • The Relationship between Concept Perception and Student Achievement in the Subject Area of Chemistry in Science
    Ven B.Siri Sumedha, Assistant Director of Education Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka
March 2024, Volume 14, Number 1
  • Special Issue - 2nd International conference on Health Informatics (HEIN 2024)
  • AI Powered Echocardiography
    Joshua Hopkins and Datonye B. Omunguye-George, Northwood University, USA
  • AI Scribes: Boosting Physician Efficiency in Clinical Documentation
    Omosalewa Itauma1 and Itauma Itauma2, 1Wayne State University, USA, 2Northwood University, USA