Volume 10

December 2020, Volume 10, Number 4
  • Securing Cryptocurrency Wallet Seed Phrase Digitally with Blind Key Encryption  
    Cheman Shaik, VISH Consulting Services Inc, USA
  • Unforgettable User Defined Seed Phrase for Cryptocurrency Wallets  
    Cheman Shaik, VISH Consulting Services Inc, USA
September 2020, Volume 10, Number 3
  • Giving up Privacy for Security: A Survey on Privacy Trade-off During Pandemic Emergency  
    Sajedul Talukder1, Md. Iftekharul Islam Sakib2 and Zahidur Talukder3, 1Edinboro University, USA, 2University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, 3University of Texas at Arlington, USA
  • Threat Modeling of Cloud based Implementation of Homomorphic Encryption  
    Satish K Sreenivasaiah and Soumya Maity, REVA University, India
June 2020, Volume 10, Number 2
  • Selective Encryption of Image by Number Maze Technique  
    Santosh Mutnuru, Sweeti Kumari Sah and S. Y Pavan Kumar, Eastern Michigan University, USA
  • Towards A Deeper NTRU Analysis: A Multi Modal Analysis  
    Chuck Easttom1, Anas Ibrahim2, Alexander Chefranov3, Izzat Alsmadi4 and Richard Hansen5, 1Adjunct Georgetown University and University of Dallas, 2&3Eastern Mediterranean University, 4Texas A&M University, 5Capitol Technology University
March 2020, Volume 10, Number 1
  • An Efficient Threshold Cryptography Scheme for Cloud ERP Data 
    Arnold Mashud Abukari1, Edem Kwedzo Bankas2 and Mohammed Iddrisu Muniru3,
    1Tamale Technical University, Ghana, 2Computer Science Department, University for Development Studies, Ghana and 3Mathematics Department, University for Development Studies, Ghana