Volume 9

June 2019, Volume 9, Number 2
  • Energy-Efficient Low Dropout Regulator with Switching Mechanism and Course Regulator for Internet of Things (IOT) Devices
    G. Lavanya and K. Kulothungan, College of Engineering, Guindy - India
  • Analysis of System on Chip Design Using Artificial Intelligence
    Syed Moinuddin Bokhari, Karpoora Sundari, Praveen Kumar, Kavitha, M. A. M College of Engineering & Technology, India
  • IOT-Enabled Green Campus Energy Management System
    Lavanya A., Jeevitha M. and M.A.Bhagyaveni, College of Engineering Guindy, India
March 2019, Volume 9, Number 1
  • Steganography Based Asymmetric Key Cryptosystem Using Trellis Coded Genetic Algorithm Random Key Generator
    Anusha T and Venkatesan R, PSG College of Technology, India
  • Enhanced Embedded Linux Board Support Package Field Upgrade – A Cost Effective Approach
    Kantam Nagesh1, Oeyvind Landsnes2, Tore Fuglestad2, Nina Svensen2 and Deepak Singhal1,
    1ABB Ability Innovation Center, Robotics and Motion, Bengaluru, India and 2ABB AS, Robotics and Motion, Bryne, Norway
  • A VLSI Architecture Realisation of an Wireless Endoscopy System
    Kavitha Veerappan1 and Ramu Pitchaikkannu2
    1M.A.M College of Engineering and Technology, India and 2Jaya Institute of Technology, India