Current Issue

    January 2021, Volume 11, Number 1
  • A Combination of Palmer Algorithm and Gupta Algorithm for Scheduling Problem in Apparel Industry
    Cecilia E. Nugraheni, Luciana Abednego and Maria Widyarini, Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia
  • A Fuzzy Interactive BI-objective Model for SVM to Identify the Best Compromise Solution for Measuring the Degree of Infection With Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19)
    Mohammed Zakaria Moustafa1, Hassan Mahmoud Elragal1, Mohammed Rizk Mohammed1, Hatem Awad Khater2 and Hager Ali Yahia1, 1ALEXANDRIA University, Egypt, 2Horus University, Egypt
  • Forex Data Analysis using Weka
    Luciana Abednego and Cecilia Esti Nugraheni, Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia