Mapping Pauli’s Crashing Quantum Wave: The Leong Yijing Method as Apparatus


L.P. Streitfeld, Germany


This paper introduces a hexagonal-based measurement apparatus. The experiment culminates in a quantum object production. The experiment testing quantum wave collapse was inaugurated under Covid19 quarantine. Leong Yijing methodology informed the production of the measurement. The apparatus uses the logic of Chance, applying it to produced social media phenomenology commemorating the 83rd solar return of Wolfgang Pauli’s prophetic dream. In keeping with the predictive timing within the dream, the throw of coins outcome was confirmed by the biorhythms of the cosmos: the wave collapse taking place on the 24th anniversary of the January 23, 1997 Seal of Solomon alignment between Heaven & Earth. This repetition of cyclic timing reflects the physicist’s vision of the hexagonal structure of the hieros gamos icon arising from under the wave collapse. This birth of the Third produces an ontology of the quantum object and an understanding of the autonomy of number as unifying energy and matter.


I Ching, hieros gamos, Pauli quantum wave collapse, quantum physics, astrology.

1.     Introduction    

Figure 1. Quantum Embodiment Object/ive: Wolfgang Pauli’s January 23, 1938 Dream.

"In the dream I drew an oscillation process beneath the window – actually two oscillations, one beneath the other. By turning to the right from the curves, I try to see the time on the clock. But the clock is too high, so that doesn’t work. Then the dream continues. The ‘dark unknown woman’ appears. She is crying because she wants to write a book but cannot find a publisher for it. In this book there is apparently a great deal of material on time symbolism e.g., how a period of time is constituted when certain symbols appear in it. And at the end of one page of the book, there are the following words, read aloud by the ‘voice’: 'The definite hours have to be paid for with the definite life, the indefinite hours have to be paid for with the indefinite life.'”

Wolfgang Paul’s January 23, 1938 dream [1]

The Covid 19 crisis provides evidence of Wolfgang Pauli’s prediction of a quantum wave collapse [2]; nothing in culture will be the same following the disruption of the pandemic. The 1938 dream (Figure 1) of the maverick Nobel Laureate articulates a new challenge for virtually all social, professional and cultural outlets under quarantine.

This paper demonstrates the role of Pauli’s prophetic dream in the invention of a phenomenological methodology materializing evolutionary leaps in consciousness. Moreover, a new apparatus of measurement and formalization will be demonstrated by way of a quantum experiment integrating cyberspace and the home. The ubiquity of social media as a viral lifeline under Covid19 was such that it wouldn’t occur to a quarantine-bound scientist to utilize its presence in daily life as a field for experimentation with the dark feminine exiled from the academy, thereby relieving the Pauli legacy “from the apparition of the revenants that pursue me in the night, and sometimes also during the day.” [3] The network of dynamic exchanges interwoven through cyberspace is by definition a quantum laboratory [4] weighing the qualitative acausal effects of the Aha Moment outside the casual pursuit of the quantitative within the unspoken cyber negotiation: “you LIKE or and I reciprocate.”

In fact, the individual social media network is a ready-made public laboratory where our social media activity can be tested for personal and collective evolution incorporating qualitative experience before the overwhelming pressure of quantitative ego gratification. The algorithms automatically tailored to our individual profiles that we take for granted dictate individual algorithm calculations. Yet, by adopting a Lokanga proposal “incorporating the concepts of information and consciousness, we are likely to further our understanding of matter.” [5]

This paper responds to Lokanga by way of application of his four-fold special relationship as to a quantum experiment in social media. Formalizing a Husserl/Heideggerian [6] methodology of phenomenological digital production becoming into being establishes intentionality to the actual experience of consciousness regarding binary code in pursuit of “the unification of physics” [7] anticipated with quantum computing.

The hypothesis is tested by catalyzing a compressed experiment, Fortnight of Quantum Change (FOQC) from my quarantined sofa during quarantine (January 13-28, 2021). This experiment was a proactive response to the cyber social media feedback loop as measurement of quantum change via the production of the quantum object (Figure 9) as Art-I-Fact.

2.     Hermeneutics of New Modernism

Figure 2. The complementary opposites of the Ying/Yang symbol (left) form the numbering of Pre-Heaven Bagua (center) and Post-Heaven Bagua (right).

Wolfgang Pauli was a theoretical physicist and trailblazer in quantum physics. He received the Nobel Prize in 1945 for his discovery of the exclusion principle (Pauli Principle), thereby establishing the foundation for a theory on matter’s structure. Pauli saw quantum physics as the scientific breakthrough towards imagining individual interactions with natural phenomena as evidence of a quantum universe in which everything is connected. The Pauli effect, famous for breaking apparatus used in experiments and telekinetically overturning water jugs [8], makes his legendary figure the unlikely champion of a 21st century approach to quantum physics through a phenomenological lens.

Physics is informing the integration of Chance apparatuses from the pioneering 20th century prophets — astrology, numerology and the I Ching — into the ongoing philosophical conversation about Chance as the dark dream subject:

On the subject level, a special form of the 'dark one' has long been appearing in dreams and fantasies as the tertium, above and beyond the Catholic-Protestant pair of opposites (or the analogous opposites on the list given) -- namely, the Chinese woman   (or the Exotic One) ….These indicate a particularly holistic view, but one that is still insufficiently connected with my rational ego. As a feminine (anima) figure, however she is linked with emotional interest, which is accompanied by a stimulation or animation of the pairs of opposites. She sees connections other than those of conventional time, yet there always appears to me a 'figure' that has the tendency to reproduce itself (automorphism) and to be at the basis of the perceptions of the 'Chinese woman.' This 'figure' (one can also, in a certain sense, call it 'archetype') is psychic and physical, which is why the Chinese woman first appeared as the bearer of 'psychophysical secrets,' ranging from sexuality to subtle ESP phenomena. I believe that an animation of pairs of opposites also lies at the basis of ESP phenomena (and with the mantic of the I Ching)." [9]

As a turn of the millennium art critic simultaneously writing for mainstream media and avant-garde journals, I developed a methodology (Figure 3) treating my confrontation with new art forms as an ongoing quantum experiment acknowledging the effects of my presence on the outcome of evolving art production. The Möbius strip consciousness transmitted through the dark woman in Pauli’s prophetic 1938 dream followed three decades of alchemical experiments embodied through the wisdom of Jung’s disciple Marie Louise von Franz, whose close relationship with the inventor of the Pauli exclusion principle [10] was arguably instrumental in bringing matter into the 20th century revolution of quantum physics.

From this perspective, von Franz was the living body assimilating the Pauli/Jung accumulation of a Third mode of consciousness prophesied by the dark woman in Pauli’s 1938 dream. This leap into the Third was foreshadowed by Jung’s early immersion into the occult sciences treating the integer as sacred [11]. This brought them into a 26-year (1932-1958) correspondence. Wolfgang Pauli lamented that “what went wrong in the seventeenth century” by way of Descartes could be resolved by the coniunctio, or sacred marriage of opposites (hieros gamos):

Just as physics seeks completeness, your analytical psychology seeks a home. For there is no denying the fact that psychology, like an illegitimate child of the spirit, leads an esoteric, special existence beyond the fringe of what is generally acknowledged to be the academic world. But this is how the archetype of the coniunctio is constellated. Whether and when this coniunctio will be realized I do not know, but I am in no doubt at all that this would be the finest fate that could happen to both physics and psychology. [12]

A new millennium of interdisciplinary scholarship led by quantum physics, was initiated when von Franz gifted her disciple Remo Roth with this treasure trove of psychic matter. [13]

3.     Science of Magic: The YOD & Synchronicity

When a yod is present in a horoscope, the energetic conditions are presented for profound change. This happens due to an external trigger of a transiting planet or a person whose birth mandala impacts the configuration and the buildup can take months, even years, in regard to slower moving planets. The yod therefore serves as “expectation values” (EV) and is a method of quantum measurement based on the Jungian regard for the independent character of the integer as archetype [14] “pre-existent to consciousness” [15] provided the data determining the viability of the Yod as a prediction tool for science. This paper provides the data for a key instance of simultaneous Yod triggers (Figure 3) reflecting a quantum measurement (EV) as a direct outcome of the FOQC.

Figure 3. The Science of Magic theorem of the Yod Apparatus

Von Franz credits the joint Pauli/Jung 1952 pioneering paper as introducing the basic hypothesis of Jung’s synchronicity principle as creatio continua [16] into the natural sciences through the numerical form of the quaternity: “It is an additional concept which completes the hitherto valid three hypotheses to form a quaternio.” [17] With this scientific origin of what would become Jung’s most famous concept, synchronicity is a jumping off point in the “fourth space,” as outlined below.

In forming the fourth out of “three hypotheses” through the synchronicity principle, we modify our structure of the Lokanga quaternity (Figure 9) to reveal quantum reality of Synchronicity (S) producing matter as a completion of the quaternio into Quantum Reality (QR):

Consciousness (C)/Information (I)+Energy(E)/Matter (M):

C/I + P/S = QR


QR is the outcome of psyche/constellated energy made conscious in matter through the injection of spirit defined as the numinous, thereby filling mind with the consciousness surrounding information/mind. From her unique perspective as Jung’s disciple, von Franz interpreted the effects of synchronicities on the convergence of psyche and matter: "…since the physical and the psychic realms coincide within the synchronistic event, there must be somewhere or somehow a unitarian reality (one reality) of the physical and psychic realms to which he gave the Latin expression unus mundus, the one world, a concept which already existed in the minds of some mediaeval philosophers." [18]

The Jung/Pauli collaboration tackled the problem of causality as a “relatively valid principle” reflecting Einstein’s allegiance to relativity theory, despite the 1905 breakthrough quantum experiment that retroactively gained him the Nobel Prize. [19]

Jung’s writings indicated he sought to create the balance between the 20th century binary behind Pauli’s internalization of the deeply rooted external conflict in science forcing Einstein’s fidelity to relativity theory. Von Franz evokes the nuanced Third option in her embodied wisdom: “The principle of contingency or equivalence would be in no way replacing causality but would be seen as complementary to causal determination.” [20]

This indicates synchronicity is not replacing causality as such, but rather a structuring principle. Jung’s delivery of the I Ching into psychology by way of his introduction to the first western interpretation [21] of the ancient Chinese system was the essential prelude to a breakthrough inaugurating a 20th century “phenomenology in physics” in the avant-garde. This expanded into the collective by way of digital production of uniquely personal pathways applying the wave collapse to lived experience. Such was the hidden “phenomenology of physics” that a synchronicity with the I Ching [22], prompted another 1938 World Clock dream:

"It struck me that the one consulting the oracle has to 'draw' three times, whereas the result of the draw depends on the divisibility of a quantity by four. This reminded me vividly of the World Clock vision in which the permutation of the 3 and the 4 was the main source of the feeling of harmony. The dream occurred about two weeks later when the matter was no longer consciously preoccupying me and it brought the subject to a sort of provisional conclusion…In the absence of appropriate terms of reference, these spiritual spheres are represented by symbols. In my case, they are particularly often represented by wave or oscillation symbols (which still remains to be explained)….In the dream described here, an attempt is made to relate the two lowest of the 3 layers to a four-part object (clock), but this does not work. This is why, in contrast to the earlier World Clock vision, the sense of harmony is missing. The cry of the ecstatic 'voice' at the end of the dream is perhaps a way of showing the puzzling 'rhythms' from a new side, and they seem to be regulating that process which is here called 'paying.' One is inclined to connect the 'certain life' with the first (quickest) rhythm and the (temporary) indefinite life with the other two rhythms." [23]

The crucial matter of this dream is that numbers are speaking to the father of modern science qualitatively. As a physicist, he seeks to understand the meaning through energy, oscillations or waves. The dream is telling him that he is struggling to approach the depths (2 lowest of 3 layers = 6, the number of the coniunctio), but not knowing how to read numbers qualitatively, he still struggles to view time as linear, despite the symbol of the clock as a circle, the four parts being the quadrants of the seasons on the “World Clock” of the astrology chart, which is how I painted this symbol on the wall (Figure 1). Jung’s response is clear from Pauli’s next letter: “ I shall try to allow the "anima" to have a greater say on the concept of time.” [24]

4.     Leong Methodology

Figure 4. Heaven (Circle)-Earth (Square) representation of the 64 hexagrams (courtesy David Leong)

Dr. David Leong’s marriage of quantum physics and the I Ching/Yijing [25] strikes lightning as a reflection of Pauli’s inner quest to honor a cyclical perspective of time. The ongoing use of astrology, specifically the Yod as a divination tool, as hermeneutics apparatus can only be enhanced by way of the I Ching use of image/text. The individual Chinese characters, like those in Pauli’s dreams, wed the western opposition between these paths of knowledge — logos and intuition whose integration was in fact the fruit of the Pauli/Jung quest.

Figure 5. Leong’s diagram demonstrates how the binary of Yin/Yang descend from Unity of the circle (representing cyclical time) and separate into the opposites distinguished by unequal pairs of Supreme of one polarity and Lesser of its complementary opposite (courtesy David Leong).

This invented method reflects the integrative methodology of the Science of Magic yod apparatus (Figure 3) incorporating text (the Yod is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet) and (image as a Y- shaped configuration) utilized as a divination tool by astrologers and dowser alike. This is where the Pythagorean form integrates matter with energy.

This paper provides the opportunity to absorb the Leong Yijing methodology with the Yod configuration as a technique for detecting quantum entanglements of intention and chance (with Lesser & Supreme combinations reflecting the Pauli exclusion principle) as duality splits into triplicities (Figure 5). Integration of the causal numbering system with acausal throw of coins is a Möbius strip of inner/outer equilibrium between definite/indefinite time in Pauli’s dream.

Leong relates the holistic Chinese symbolic system of the Yijing (Figure 4) rooted in the masculine (Yang) and feminine (Yin) principle in nature (Figure 2) to the unresolved problem of the observer in quantum mechanics: "The Copenhagen interpretation was first propositioned by physicist Niels Bohr in 1920. It says that a quantum particle does not exist in one state or another, but in all of its possible states at once. It is only when we make an observation of its state that a quantum particle essentially shows an outcome. In Yijing terms, it can be paraphrased to state that a hexagram does not exist as one structure or another (with 64 different hexagram possibilities) but in all of its 64 possible structures at once. It is only when an observation is made, that a hexagram is isolated and identified that will show its outcome." [26]

The Aha Moment marrying participant/observer into the Third space is equally sought by every creator , with the potential for quantum measurement to disrupt the "objectivity" of the observer, thereby creating a new role for the apparatus of measurement and the phenomenological byproduct of the experience. From this 360-perspective, Einstein’s reaction to the implications of his unexpected 1905 quantum experiment revealing that light travels in packets reveals the very unpredictability of such a breakthrough on expectation values. If we retrospectively substitute Einstein’s dice for I Ching coins, the inventor was foreseeing Leong’s 21st century reply: God doesn’t play dice with the universe but humans do throw coins anticipating quantum outcomes! [27]

5.     Leong Yijing Measuring Apparatus

Neils Bohr catalyzed the quantum revolution with his self-reflecting proposition that the observer is not separate from the observation; conscious intention affecting outcome is at every point of the experiment and apparatus. His unique distinction from his contemporaries lies in his fidelity to the role of an observer, not denying reality, but also not allowing for a science separated from that which performs the experiment.

Leong’s graphics highlighting his discussion regarding the Yin/Yang interchangeability between wave and particle is the ideal meeting point between eastern and western thought reflecting Bohr’s imagined interpretation of Pauli’s prophetic dream. His pioneering methodology of 3-D mapping the quantum wave (Figure 7) through a 2-D wave connecting the succession of hexagrams (Figure 6) encapsulates the motion of change between the complementary opposition of #1 Ch’ien/Creative/Yang to #2 K’un/Receptive/Yin. In the Leong methodology, we see a marriage of east/west, text/image, wave/particle. The wave particle binary collapses upon itself, thereby showing a fundamental one-ness to the dynamic interchange of opposites.

Figure 6. Leong Yijing Measurement Apparatus tracking wave-particle duality/hexagram wave duality (courtesy Dr. David Leong).

With 64 hexagrams as possible outcomes to the single consultation (6 throws resulting in a hexagram with potentially 6 changing lines = 64 x 64 combination of changes = 4096), only one numerical outcome signifies a moment in time (Figure. 6), potentially changing to another number characterizing the next via the Chinese word/symbol. Therefore, it isn’t the quantity of the number of hexagrams, but the quality of the relationship of the hexagrams to one another creating value in the wave mapping into particle collapse (Figure 11 ). This is how complementarity is contained within the Third space: the hexagram is the universal symbol of the hieros gamos. [28]

This holistic microcosm of the hexagram within the macrocosm of the 64 hexagrams as one (Figure. 5) system is precisely how the graph of the wave collapse is mapped! Within this process, the characteristics are shared by I Ching and observations of quantum reality: “indeterminism, complementarity, non-linearity entanglement, superposition and probability interpretation.” [29]

We see the integration and synchronicity of masculine and feminine, as well as the wave/particle through the collapse of eastern/western philosophical casual relationships. Leong brings in the characteristic of quality by turning the quantum discussion from the binary (wave/particle) opposition to the space between them: “How can mutually exclusive behavior like wave-like and particle-like be properties of one and the same light? They are not the properties of light. They are the properties of the interaction with light, between the observer and the observed light.” [30]

The entangled nature of states, Karen Barad writes of Quantum Entanglements [31], reveals new inter subjective possibilities for the forming of matter itself; the nature of all opposition is fundamentally thrown into a new entangled state.

What would this marriage of complementary opposites within the space between the “observer and observed light” look like? This summed up the expectation of measurement transforming my observer status to participant by way of the holistic mandalas of the astrology chart and the Leong

Figure 7. 3-D mapping (courtesy Dr. David Leong).

Yijing Measurement Apparatus. The dynamic movement between potential energy (Yin) and kinetic energy (Yang) creates the Yin-Yang which Leong characterizes as:

"…dualistic but encompasses contrary and complementary relations of mutuality and differentiation. Yijing’s logic is simple oscillation of the Yin-Yang to create the ten thousand things under heaven; through that movement shift potential energy, in a state of equilibrium, to kinetic energy. A series of iterative perturbations/disturbances of the field will cause an interplay of potential and kinetic energy.” [32]

The Yijing symbols of Yin & Yang (Figure 2) co-existing, co-present in each from a holistic whole, provided the metaphysical notion that “stood Bohr in good stead for characterizing quantum phenomena which are at once both wave and particle,” writes Leong. “His notion of complementarity bears witness to the similarity of Yijing and quantum physics.” [33]

With this holistic perspective, my phenomenological quest for hieros gamos embodiment commencing under the New Moon and waxing as accumulated quanta to the Full Moon was the only certainty in every throw, the surrender to change reflecting the uncertainty of my life.

6.     Preparing Sacred Ground

As part of the phenomenological experience of this quantum shift an East-West dialogue took hold in over my passionate reaction to his papers integrating Yijing with quantum physics reflecting my pursuit of unity in marrying art, philosophy and physics. The online discussion of these paper became a private dialogue, an email exchange where we bonded over a reverence for the wisdom of numbers.

Preparing the ground for this experiment, I readied my Instagram account (HIEROSHIVA) for a complete focus on the phenomenology of performance, placing myself into the quantum mix of the dada movement and I Ching practitioners such as John Cage utilizing the mandala to play with chance.

Dezeuze [34] writes on the use of chance and intentionality in Fluxus works and the ways in which the artist would remove themselves and instead let chance play the game for them. Clearly, by now it has been established that the use of an instrument does not remove the apparatus from the experiment outcome, but instead recognizes that both causal and acausal determinations are both at play.

The signs of what was to become a life-changing outcome of this quantum experiment were a priori to the New Moon launch of FOQC. My New Moon gift in the form of GOKARAN’s Meme (Figure 10A-3) as the quantum object of my last Facebook collaboration with a philosopher/mystic/artist in India. This superb rendering of Pauli’s Dark Woman/Kali became the divine guardian protecting the experiment, prescient of what would be the departure point of a quantum leap: renewal through isolation.

7.     Quantum Experiment: Fortnight of Quantum Change

Figure 8. The empirical data for the quantum experiment consists of two mandalas (left) generating 3forms of digital matter (8-1, 8-2 & 8-3) and one form of natural material (8-4).

Wilhelm’s The I Ching or Book of Changes [35] served as the guide for interpretation. The oracle resulting from the midnight throw influenced the 24 hours until the next throw. My total dedication involved tracking my own evolving consciousness through proactive creation of Instagram images relating the daily progress of the experiment. This phenomenology of the quantum object was featured on a blog. [36] The culmination of this process of evolving Self- awareness was externalized by the waxing Moon build-up of light, both in quantity and quality of awareness culminating in Quantum Change:

A.     HYPOTHESIS: The project intended to map, through autonomous number, the hieros gamos arising from under the Collapse of the Quantum Wave predicted by Wolfgang Pauli (Figure 1). Could it be that the dark woman would appear to me in some way, mythologically or metaphorically? Or could she even be me?

B.      CONDITIONS: The 2021 Saturn-Sun conjunction, exact on January 24, overseen by Jupiter, empirically reveals the Great Conjunction [37] instigating the wave collapses into particles as predicted by Pauli. Yet, the question arises as to whether the observer was influenced in the personal observation due to prior knowledge of the effects of the conjunction.

C.     APPARATUS: The 64 I Ching oracles are where measurement as quality/phenomenology is crucial. The number sequence for FOQC was mapped on a grid of 14 separate but identical I Ching diagrams with 64 potential outcomes (Figure 12).

D.     FOUNDATION: The autonomous numerical ordering of the 64 hexagrams within the standard grid determines the holistic gender-balanced environment of Heaven and Earth upon which this wave is generated in 15 sequences, or text/image sequences of the epic of the quantum wave collapse.

E.      PROCEDURE: A total of 15 midnight I Ching throws at 24-hour intervals. FOQC was initiated at 12 am 13 January and concluded at 12 am 28 January under the Leo Full Moon (exact at 14:16) conjunct the querent's natal Uranus at 9 degrees. The question for each midnight throw was conceived within the Kairos leap in the 24 hours since the previous throw. Each dawn was celebrated by transmitting the midnight I Ching throw into a hexagram in a black book. The six lines of the hexagram were a combination of the 7/9 (—) or 6/8 ( - - ) sequence, creating a number (1-64), with a new hexagram created from changing lines.

F.      DURATION: The 3 stages of the experiment unfold over each 24-hour segment of chronological time for a total of 15 days.

G.     ARTISTIC PRODUCTION: The project produced two INSTAGRAM designs:

1.       astrology chart in a digital collage combined with the Wilheim interpretation

2.       I Ching question and response recorded into black book with Chinese ink stick

H.     DATA PRODUCTION: Binary data of each midnight throw inspire 14 quantum actions injecting the epic narrative into the artist ouevre as outcome of 16 sequential HIEROSHIVA INSTAGRAM STORIES LINKED SEQUENTIALLY THROUGH NUMBER SEQUENCE.

I.        SIMULTANEOUS OUTCOME: The quantum leap into the Third realm beyond time and space is infused into a unique collage depicting wave motion collapsing into particle, producing the Wavicle in the form of the right/left brain marriage of image/text as the material art-I-fact of the Pauli prediction of definite/indefinite time as the complementary marriage of opposites.

J.       EMPIRICAL INFORMATION: The graph of accumulated data producing a wave through the horizontal alignment of 14 diagrams on a grid of 14 days creates a distinct collapse wave transforming into particle as the line flattens in the three-day period of the Saturn conjunction exerting gravitational pull over the Sun.

K.     CONSCIOUS MEANING: The symbolic significance on the subsequent Hexagram (January 26) on the final day of the fourteen-day experiment (Figure 12) reveals the goal of the hieros gamos (#24 combining Heaven and Earth) creating Peace (#11). The return of the wave in the final two readings (1/27 & 1/28) forecast the Full Moon turmoil (#10 Conflict) forecasting the  effects of the measurement on the consciousness of the observer/participant over the next six months – until the wake of the July 23 opposition Full Moon and the email informing conditional acceptance to IJRAP #10 (Figure 10-C).


8.     Theorem of Embodied Consciousness

Ediho Lokanga’s “special relationship of “matter, energy, information, and consciousness” [38] spells out the current task of integration (Figure. 9) for science to embrace the theory of everything. This achievement in a laboratory would be the scientific equivalent of the noted Third (hieros gamos) as a new movement in philosophy. [39]

The introduction of the apparatus of my personal body, my feminine intuition informed by the wisdom of von Franz’s writing as the literal Infans Solaris (embodied light) ignited by an excavation of the Jung/Pauli quest for the coniunctio. This view of Jung’s female disciple informed my methodology of accumulating Embodiment phenomenology in alchemical performances interpreting the emergence of Pauli’s prediction of a holistic archetype from under the collapsed quantum wave disseminated through the social network. [40]

Figure 9: The Lokanga Four-Fold Special Relationship Quaternio

Referring to David Bohm’s 1992 suggestion that matter is revealed as an ocean of both energy and light, Lokanga renews the fundamental question: "Now, we should ask ourselves what matter is made of. Where is the substance of matter? We are taught to believe that the substance of matter is in the atom. However, we learn from physics that atoms are made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Is the substance of matter in electrons or protons? The answer is no, simply because these particles are made of tinier particles called quarks and gluons. Let us then ask, is the substance of matter in the quarks or gluons? We do not think along these lines, just in light of the fact that a quark and an antiquark can annihilate each other to produce photons, which are electromagnetic waves. So, as we can see, the attempt to persuade us that a stone is made of some solid entity is misleading and incorrect, thus calling into question the validity of the standard model of physics." [41]

               8.1. Streitfeld Harlow Embodiment Quaternio


At this crucial juncture, it would be helpful to highlight the symbol at both the foundation of the FOQC convergence and the formulation of acausal/causal time. Von Franz points out the role the mandala plays in integration of the psycho-physical universe: "There are many techniques of divination in which a mandala is the instrument, the most well-known being the horoscope and the transit horoscope. As shown by … Jung’s own astrological experiment, the natural integers seem to have a quite special connection with the synchronicity principle. This is why the Western as well as the Eastern arts of divination are especially inclined to use number combinations in order to 'read' a situation holistically and intuitively." [42]

Figure 10: A/FOQC LAUNCH, B/FOQC OUTCOME, C/FOQC RESULTS and D/FOQC QUANTUM LEAP (January 13 - August 3, 2021) formulating a theorem of quantum embodiment.

Two mandalas, holistic apparatus with natural integers tied to Jung’s Synchronicity Principle, are present in the FOQC Quaternio:

1)         Horoscopes (Psyche/Energy)

2)         I Ching 64 hexagrams (Consciousness)

The Lokanga Proposal (Figure 9) serves as a mandala diagraming complementary opposites:

1)      Mind/Information: graphs revealing the data depicting the wave collapse over the 83rd anniversary of Pauli’s prophetic January 23 dream.

2)      Matter/Consciousness: 24 January as a work of art (Figure 10-D2 ) depicting the hieros gamos symbols of the Full Moon concluding the experiment. Did these pioneers of quantum physics consider regarding the body as a light, there by necessitating the accumulation of quanta as preparation for a personal quantum leap? If so, they would have to accept the body as a quantum object, revolutionizing the fields of philosophy, psychology and science.

                  8.2. Beyond Cause and Effect

Figure 11. The Quantum Leap (BC) between A (vertical) and B (horizontal).

Working in collaboration with a Facebook friend in India, the experiment was to create auniversal meme of the dark feminine (integrating Lilith and Kali with the dark woman in Pauli’s dreams). The Quantum Embodiment gift of the New Moon (January 13, 2021) externalized/definite the internal/indefinite Fortnight of Quantum Change focus (10-A1) on quantum collaboration (10-A2). This focus was both narrow and deep, an editing of social media landscape demonstrating a new qualitative aesthetic integrating blog (10-A3) and Instagram (10-A4).

The proactive action resulting from the consciousness of Embodiment (10A-1) was a powerful support for my project, prompting my first question to the oracle (Figure 8): “Should I leave Facebook?” The response was #25: EXHAUSTION. My proactive response: clicking the delete button for the profile I created in 2014 with both a page and group (European Graduate School) disseminating my text. Both the page and group were deleted along with my profile. The reverberations of silence for the next four months only served to highlight my new inward orientation.

On May 20, a mysterious message in Instagram (10B-1) had powerful reverberations in my hermetic existence, like a stone dropped into a still lake. Even if her name hadn’t been Mystic Megan, her image was that of the dark woman in Pauli’s dreams. I recognized the matter of a life-changing event due to my completely open state of consciousness. During our initial chat, she became my student, and within a month our quantum writing collaboration produced polished works at breakneck speed (10B-3).

If Mystic Megan sought me via logical methods, our meeting would have been cause and effect:

CAUSAL = my profile disappeared from Megan’s algo-rhythms

EFFECT = seeking out a fellow student from the group to ask my name

EXPECTED OUTCOME (EO): Googling my website

However, this isn’t what happened. What actually took place:

ACAUSAL (A) = Val entered Mystic Meg’s online astrology class

SYNCHRONICITY (S) = Val exclaimed: “You must meet Lisa!”


From that first message crystallizing consciousness through Chance (Figure 10-B1), I knew Mystic Megan was the Arrival for whom I had been building up quanta by Sitting Still. I replied with my email address. On June 8, I received her long email message and we launched a dialogue for a lasting connection; she began as my student and within a month became my collaborator. Seizing the opportune moment (Kairos) (Figure 10-B1) illuminated our composite astrology chart (Figure 10-B2) for genius (10-B3).

The information formalizing Chance through astrology was the powerful Yod in effect at the time of her message, creating the acausal system [43] of dependency of future input. The diagram reveals (Figure 10-B) the role both causal/acausal plays in the UO as foreplay to QL in which the present moment integrates past/future. The acausal effect of consciousness as Chance/Kairos (Figure 11) anticipating the causal effects of a lunar eclipse on a potential collaboration (Figure 10-B2), astrology as the Formalization of Chance revealed the viability of this connection, with this paper as proof:




                     8.3. The Causal/Acausal Quantum Leap

You, the reader, are participating in the quantum leap resulting from the integration of definite/indefinite via astrology as the formalization of chance! Welcome to the paradigm shift! Fortnight of Quantum Change transformed from social media text/image to a peer-reviewed article responding to the Lokanga challenge -- the integration of consciousness and matter.

This quest has taken 34 years of proactive seeking, with the breakthrough moment coming at the discovery of personal predicament in Pauli’s 1938 Dream exactly twenty years after the eve of my birth: to publish a work on time as the direct consequence of determining the 21st century time code. The compressed experiment represents a new manner of living in the Möbius strip sacred marriage of inner/outer, definite/indefinite, causal/acausal, chronos/kairos reflecting the evolutionary left/right brain marriage produced by the Pauli/Jung collaboration.

In my decades of pursuing the icon in my own quantum experiments and across the globe as an art critic seeking new 21st century forms, there was no lack of new art forms sourced in the Aquarian icon predicted by Pauli. Yet, observing his quantum wave collapse continually brought up the unresolved issue of quantum physics: the critical observer’s lack of an empirical model measuring the moment of change.

The task entailed was the lesson of COVID19, turning inwards and being still as directly advised by I Ching. Without this state of stillness attributed to eastern religion, we cannot enter the field of consciousness to meet the Aha Moment.

Figure 12. The Hieros Gamos prophecy of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung in a double mandala phenomenology of the I Ching (64 Hexagrams) and the Horoscope, birth revealing the collapse of the Pauli quantum wave under the Sun/Saturn conjunction with the Jupiter Return of the January 23, 1997 Seal of Solomon Hieros Gamos of Heaven & Earth.

Given the acausal fidelity to the numbers characterizing Pauli’s Dream within the trajectory of hieros gamos cosmology (Figure 12), the timing of my discovery of Leong indicated his methodology of mapping the quantum wave through the Yijing was an open invitation to resolve this obstacle by way of an East/West marriage.

The use of astrology as apparatus, both in the Yod and as timer for the quantum mover, the planets, means a new interpretation of astrology as the causal/acausal [44] formalization of Chance. The success of my experiment in achieving the intention of a personal quantum leap, brings up a new question regarding the measurement problem. Will Leong Yijing Apparatus be considered by a western science lacking regard for the spiritual power of the integer?

9.    Conclusion

“Nature likes the number three,” proclaims Franco Ivaldi in a recent paper titled as such, “classical science has not yet come to discover its deep motivations, perhaps because it ‘divides everything.’" [45] The practice of throwing three coins is therefore suspending the rationality of science to split matter. Surrendering to the oracle allows intuition to guide its meaning and this interpretation guides behavior through a higher path of wisdom viewing the parts from the unity of the whole.   This unity reflects the complementarity of wave/particle, a paradigm leap in western thought: “Joining the two ideas, mutually implicated and mutually exclusive, becomes like an anti-epistemological revolution of modern science.” [46]

Following the Great Pause of 2020, humans have learned the value of Sitting Still [47] as the point of observation, the space of the lab, the hesitation in our consciousness and an inner dialogue. This is the space between being and becoming that is drowned out by the business of our modern lives and the algorithms of social media’s click-based crowd pleasing. Instead, we need to give space to the possibility of phenomena arising, as one would look down the microscope, one must create a ground for the experiment.

This path of inner wisdom is reflected in the Yijing system of autonomous numbers originating in the number 3 (the trigram). As Leong reveals in compelling graphics, the trinity symbolizes the human creative capacity to overcome the trap of the binary in order to experience the Third as the space of Pauli’s emergent archetype; consciousness of this unconsciousness process is the definite/indefinite hours revealed in his 1938 dream.

Supporting this leap into uncertainty was the incapacity of my mind to even anticipate, never mind calculate, how each new outcome was connected to the last. This relationship was physically drawn at the conclusion by connecting the hexagrams together as an extended wave until #2 marking the initiation into an extended collapse into particle as K’un (Receptive).

This was the day January 23 marking Pauli’s 1938 dream of the wave collapse and the 24th Solar Return of the 1997 Heaven & Earth Seal of Solomon. [48] In 2021, it marked the day of the Saturn/Sun conjunction (Figure 12) — signifying stability, constriction, stabilization and formulation. [49]

The marriage of complementary opposites (hieros gamos) collapsing the division between observer/participant is where Pauli’s prediction of the Seal of Solomon structure of the Hieros Gamos meets Leong’s hexagram-based methodology for mapping the shift of wave into particle. The implications are nothing less than a paradigm shift in which “Bohr’s ‘epistemological earthquake’ implicates the role of the observer, including the apparatus of observation, in what is measured and thus known.” [50]

Leong’s east to west breakthrough unleashes a tsunami of potentialities of Aha Moments surrounding the mystery of the hexagram. This is the zeitgeist arising from Bohr’s dedication to complementarity meeting computer code via the Leong 3-D images slicing the quantum wave into particles. These consist of six lines that “represent an evolving situation in time and space” [51] making up a dynamic, holistic form representing   the Seal of Solomon double triangle (upper/yin and lower/yang) in which Pauli predicted the Aquarian icon would emerge. [52]

As the global culture awaits empirical evidence of the post-Covid quantum shift, the uncertainty of the Third passage into the 21st Century icon predicted by the father of modern physics is being replaced by the certainty of the absolute. This is precisely how, from one contingency to the next, the binary stasis of identity politics sourced in opposition and conflict of relativism is exchanged for a collective paradigm leap into the quantum certainty of interconnectedness represented by the Leong empirical mapping of the wave particle duality.

Essentially, this quantum experiment can be conducted by anyone at any time with Internet access. Impenetrable equations and incomprehensible formulas are not necessary for the quantum leap. The only requirements are fidelity to the event and willingness to play the game of chance. Preparation consists of testing one’s ability to surrender to the stillness required to make the mind a blank screen upon which external objects can be projected and observed as doorways of perception.

By making oneself a proactive subject in the game, objects will inevitably be attracted to the mysterious containment of the dynamics of opposites. The stakes rise when one learns to release attachment to the desire for an outcome goal by fully entering the game. At a certain point, the identity as subject becomes infused with the object/ive, resulting in a loss of ego separation. This is when the Self takes over as the passionate participant in the game of life.

Practice makes perfect and the greater the expertise with chance, the more prepared one will be for that prime quantum moment when the stars are aligned and a certain fate is seized with the conscious resolve creating an unknown destiny. These are the moments when we feel ourselves suspended in space, yet fully aware of what it means to be utterly alive.

What better advance can physics offer for the 21st century than the ontology of aliveness?

10.    Acknowledgements

I want to thank my first reader, Dr. David Leong, whose graphics made this article hum! There would be no publication of this multilayered tapestry without his brilliant invention catalyzing the quantum leap that finally lets the dark woman stop her weeping! David sharing his wisdom of numbers delivered me to the quantum body of Megan Jenkins Harlow, who joyfully midwifed my infans solaris of a lifelong quest to publish in the right symbolic time correspondences worthy of Wolfgang Pauli. My gratitude to the board and Secretary of IJRAP for understanding my interdisciplinary project and giving it a home for publication in the only place it is truly suitable: a physics journal!


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New Media impresario Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld (European Graduate School Media Lab, magna cum laude 2016) is devoted to a new modernist aesthetic sourced in the hieros gamos. As the daughter of the Neo-Reichian founder of the sixties Human Potential Movement, she was weaned on phenomenological physics awaiting the digital revolution to put her quantum vision into practice. She pioneered a praxis with astrology and quantum physics in her New York avant-garde experiments (2005-2011) integrating text/image. Her dedication to THE SAAS-FEE EVENT announced in HuffPost Arts (9/9/14) culminated in The Science of Magic theorem for an organic/electronic art of Embodiment qualifying the quantum object as phenomenology of the ontological Third.