Phenomenological Method Regarding a Third Theory of Physics “The Event: The Third” (2014-2021)


L.P. Streitfeld, Germany


The quest for a third theory uniting macro-cosmos (relativity) and micro-cosmos (quantum mechanics) has coexisted with the denial of feminine/subjective polarity to masculine/objective. The dismissal of electromagnetism as the tension of opposites in quest of inner/outer unity is sourced in the denial of the feminine qualia -- the negative force field attributed to dark energy/dark matter. However, a conversion philosophy sourced in the hieros gamos and signified by the Mobius strip has formulated an integral consciousness methodology producing quantum objects by means of embracing the shadow haunting contemporary physics. This Self-reflecting process integrating subject/object comprises an ontology of kairos as the “quantum leap.” An interdisciplinary quest to create a phenomenological narrative is disclosed via a holistic apparatus of hermeneutics manifesting image/text of a contemporary grail journey. Reflected in this Third space is the sacred reality of autonomous number unifying polarities of feminine/subjective (quality) and objective/masculine (quantity) as new measurement apparatus for the quantum wave collapse.


Dark Energy, Quantum Mechanics, Unified Theory, Kundalini, Philosophy.