Volume 2

November 2013, Volume 2, Number 4
  • Matching Website Password Requirements Strength with Rockyou Password Set [Pdf]
    Fatin G. Sabbagha and Robert H. Clarke, School of Packaging, Michigan State University, USA
  • A Reliability based Approach for Optimal Transmission Usage and Loss Allocation [Pdf]
    Baseem Khan1, Ganga Agnihotri1, Anuprita Mishra2, Gaurav Gupta1, 1MANIT, India and 2TIT, India
  • Application and Composition Observing System Of Automatic Weather Station (Aws) and Power Grid (Pgmis) [Pdf]
    Irfan Jamil1, Rehan Jamil2, Zhao Jinquan1, Li Ming2, Awais Ansar3, Raheel Ahmed3, Imran Jafar3, Rafaqat Hussian4 and Rizwan Jamil5, 1Hohai University, China, 2Yunnan Normal University, China, 3Harbin Engineering University, Harbin China, 4North China Electric Power University, Beijing and 5Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC-3) Taxila, Pakistan
  • Investigation of Bearing Currents in Dual Mode Operation of Synchronous Machine with Static Excitation System [Pdf]
    Arun Kumar Datta1, Manisha Dubey2 and Shailendra Jain2, 1Central Power Research Institute, India and 2Maulana Azad National Intitute of Technology, India
  • Battery Storage Unit for Residential Rooftop PV System to Compensate Impacts of Solar Variations [Pdf]
    Nasim Jabalameli and Mohammad A.S. Masoum, Curtin University, Australia
  • Hypothetical Study For Selection Of Optimal Location Of Multiple FACTS Devices Under Contingent Condition Using Different Objective Functions [Pdf]
    B.P. Saoji1 and A.P. Vaidya2, 1Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Mumbai University, India and 2Walchand College of Engineering, Shivaji University, Sangli, India
August 2013, Volume 2, Number 3
  • Harmonic Disturbance Compensating and Monitoring in Electric Traction System [Pdf]
    J. Ghanizadeh, S. H. Hosseinian and G. B. Gharehpetian, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran
  • Modeling of Grid Connected Dc Linked Pv/Hydro Hybrid System [Pdf]
    Sweeka Meshram, Ganga Agnihotri and Sushma Gupta, MANIT, India
  • Optimized Automatic Generation Control Scheme Including SMES in an Inter Connected Power System [Pdf]
    Geoffrey Eappen and Sandeep Bhongade, S.G.S. Institute of Technology & Science, India
  • An Analytical Approach for Multiple DG Allocation in Distribution System [Pdf]
    Shilpa Kalambe, Ganga Agnihotri and Aashish Kumar Bohre, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India
May 2013, Volume 2, Number 2
  • Protection Coordination of Distribution Systems Equipped with Distributed Generations [Pdf]
    Ahmed Kamel1, M. A. Alaam2, Ahmed M. Azmy2 and A. Y. Abdelaziz3, 1South Delta Electricity Distribution Company, Egypt, 2Tanta University, Egypt and 3Ain Shams University, Egypt
  • A Battery Charging System & Appended Zcs (Pwm) Resonant Converter Dc-Dc Buck: Technique for Battery Charger to Yield Efficient Performance in Charging Shaping [Pdf]
    IrfanJamil1, Zhao Jinquan1, Rehan Jamil2, Rizwan Jamil3 and Abdus Samee4, 1Hohai University, China, 2Yunnan Normal University, China, 3Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC-3) Taxila, Pakistan and 4Chashma Centre of Nuclear Training, Pakistan
  • Load Shedding Design for an Industrial Cogeneration System [Pdf]
    Mukesh Kumar Kirar, Renuka Kamdar, Manoj Kumar, Ganga Agihotri, MANIT-Bhopal, India
  • Dynamic Behaviour of DFIG-based Wind Turbines during Symmetrical Voltage Dips [Pdf]
    Almoataz Y. Abdelaziz, Amr M. Ibrahim, Ahmed M. Asim and Ahmed H. Abdel Razek, Ain Shams University, Egypt
  • Usage Based Cost Allocation Technique for EHV Networks Using Non-Linear Utility Factors [Pdf]
    Tarun Tailor, Ganga Agnihotri and Anuprita Sandeep Mishra, MANIT -Bhopal, India
  • Use of High Voltage Amplifier in Extraporation for Transfection Related Medical Applications [Pdf]
    Sweekruti Mishra and Shashank Mundra, VIT University, India
February 2013, Volume 2, Number 1
  • Safety Parameters of Grounding Devices At An Electric Power Plant [Pdf]
    Yury Chikarov, Tek Tjing Lie and Nirmal Nair, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Human Age-Group Estimation Based On Anfis Using the Hog And Lbp Features [Pdf]
    Hamid Moghadam fard, Sohrab Khanmohammadi, Sahraneh Ghaemi and Farshad Samadi, Tabriz University, Iran
  • Temperature and Hydrophobicity of Silicon Rubber [Pdf]
    Syed Aamir Raza Naqvi 1, Syed Kashif Imdad21water and power development authority pakistan , 2HITEC University Taxila, Pakistan
  • Novel Control Strategies for Distributed Active Filter [Pdf]
    Sakshi Bangia,P.R.Sharma and Maneesha Garg, YMCA University of Science and Technology, India
  • Modified single phase energy meter for rural domestic energy management supplied from solar panel based small grid system [Pdf]
    Piyali Das1,Mousam Ghosh2 and Saswati Mazumdar3, 1Dibrugarh University, India, 2West Bengal Financial Corporation, India and 3Jadavpur University, India.
  • Remote Terminal Unit for Smart Distribution [Pdf]
    P.Anil Kumar1 ,J.Shankar1 and G.Ashok Kumar2 1JNT University Hyderabad,India,2JNT University Hyderabad,India