Volume 3

November 2014, Volume 3, Number 4
  • Special Issue - International Conference on Circuits and Systems (CIRSY-2014), Bangalore, India

  • Design of Matched Filter for Radar Applications [Pdf]
    Pardhu Thottempudi and Alekhya Reddy N, Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology & Management, India
  • Special Issue - International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ELE 2014), Bangalore, India

  • FEA of PCB Multilayer Stack Up High Voltage Planar Transformer for Aerospace Application [Pdf]
    Kiran Gaikwad1 and Tobias Bartusch2, 1Measurement and Sensor Technology, Germany and 2Airbus Defence and Space, Germany
  • Regular Papers

  • Enhancing Phase-Margin of OTA Using Self-Biasing Cascode Current Mirror [Pdf]
    Meysam Akbari1, Masoud Nazari2 and Ardavan Javid2, 1Shahid Beheshti University, Iran and 2K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran
  • Carbon Nanotube Based Delay Model for High Speed Energy Efficient on Chip Data Transmission Using: Current Mode Technique [Pdf]
    Sunil Jadav1, Munish Vashistah1 and Rajeevan Chandel2, 1YMCAUST, India and 2N.I.T, Hamirpur, India
  • Power System Transient Stability Margin Estimation using Artificial Neural Networks [Pdf]
    Lakshminarayana Pothamsetty , Shishir Ranjan, Mukesh Kumar Kirar and Ganga Agnihotri, MANIT, India
  • Under Voltage Load Shedding for Contingency Analysis to Optimize Power Loss and Voltage Stability Margin [Pdf]
    Shiwani Rai, Yogendra Kumar and Ganga Agnihotri, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal, India
August 2014, Volume 3, Number 3
  • Special issue - First International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ICEEE-2014)

  • Comparison of UPQC And DVR in Wind Turbine Fed FSIG under Asymmetric Faults[ [Pdf]
    P.Karthigeyan1, R.Gnanaselvam2, M.Senthil Raja3 and S.Prabu4, 1Pondicherry Engineering College, India, 2SRM university, India, 3VI Institute of Technology, India and 4SreeSastha Institute of Technology, India
  • Regular Papers

  • Transmission Usage and Cost Allocation Using Shapley Value and Tracing Method: A Comparison [Pdf]
    Pawan Rathore, Ganga Agnihotri, Baseem Khan and Garima Naidu, MANIT, India
  • Design and Implementation of Pll Frequency Synthesizer using PE3336 IC for IRS Applications [Pdf]
    Vabya Kumar Pandit1, Deepak V.Ingale1 and Sourabh Basu2, 1Jain University, India and 2ISRO Satellite Centre, India
  • Investigations with Mode Division Multiplexed Transmission [Pdf]
    Devendra Kr.Tripathi, Pallavi Singh, N.K.Shukla and H.K.Dixit, J.K.Institute of Applied Physics &Technology, India
  • Comparative Study of Methods for Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch [Pdf]
    Tejaswini Sharma, Alka Yadav, Sangeeta Jamhoria and Ritu Chaturvedi, Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, India
  • Investigation of Closed Loop Current Control Strategies for Bridgeless Interleaved Sepic Converter [Pdf]
    R.Sreemallika and R.Seyezhai, SSN College of Engineering, India
May 2014, Volume 3, Number 2
  • Optimization and Investigation of Multi-Stage Thermoelectric Generation Systems with Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) [Pdf]
    Alemi.H , Aghanajafi.C and Kashi.A , K.N. Toosi university of Technology , Iran
  • Modeling and Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor by using Hybrid Control Technique [Pdf]
    D. Chandra Sekhar and G.V. Marutheshwar , S.V. University , India
  • Effect of Selection of Control and State Variables on Convergence of GAOPF [Pdf]
    C.M.Wankhade1 and A.P. Vaidya2, 1L.T.College of Engineering, India and 2Walchand Collge of Engineering, India
  • Advances in Automatic Insect Classification [Pdf]
    Siti N. A. Hassan, Nadiah S. A. Rahman, Zaw Zaw Htike and Shoon Lei Win , International Islamic University Malaysia , Malaysia
  • Coordination of Participants in Pool Market using Game Theory to Allocate Fixed Cost [Pdf]
    Anuprita Sandeep Mishra, Ganga Agnihotri, N.P.Patidar and Baseem Khan , Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal , India
  • Embedded Controller Based Multilevel Inverter Topologies [Pdf]
    S. Sivasankari and C. R. Balamurugan , Arunai Engineering College , India
  • A Wide Tuning Range CMOS Voltage Controlled Oscillator [Pdf]
    Karim Shahbazi and Alireza Hassanzadeh , Shahid Beheshti University , Iran
  • Network Reconfiguration and Capacitor Placement in Distribution System with Harmonic Search Algorithm [Pdf]
    Pushpendra Singh and Komal Arora , Govt.Women Engineering College , India
  • Design of Alias-Free Linear Phase Quadrature Mirror Filter Banks using Eigen value-Eigen vector Approach [Pdf]
    S. K. Agrawal and O. P. Sahu , National Institute of Technology , India
  • A Novel MDAC Suitable For A 14B, 120MS/S ADC, Using a New Folded Cascode OP-AMP [Pdf]
    Noushin Ghaderi1 , Khayrollah Hadidi2 and Bahar Barani3 , 1Shahrekord University, Iran , 2Urmia University , Iran and 3Kansas University, USA
  • Operational Benefits in Large Synchronous Machine with the Application of Static Drives [Pdf]
    Arun Kumar Datta , M. A. Ansari, N. R. Mondal and B. V. Raghavaiah , Central Power Research Institute , India
  • Special Issue - Second International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (EEI 2014) , Dubai , UAE
  • Integrated Photodiodes in Nanometer CMOS Technologies [Pdf]
    Mohamed Atef , Assiut University, Egypt
  • Improving Stator Winding Fault Diagnosis in Induction Motor using Dempster-Shafer Theory [Pdf]
    Reza Gholamshahi1, Javad Poshtan1 and Majid Poshtan2 , 1Iran University of Science and Technology , Iran and 2American University in Dubai, UAE
February 2014, Volume 3, Number 1
  • Electro-Mechanical Batteries for low earth orbit satellite with hallow cylinder flywheel machine [Pdf]
    Ahmed M.Atallah, Mahmoud M.Kashef and M.A.L.Badr, Ain Shams University, Egypt
  • Design and Performance Study of MMDWDM Systems [Pdf]
    Devendra Kr,Tripathi, Pallavi Singh, N.K.Shukla and H.K.Dixit, University of Allahabad, India
  • Optimal Location of Svc for Dynamic Stability Enhancement Based on Eigenvalue Analysis [Pdf]
    Anju Gupta and P R Sharma, YMCA UST, India
  • Efficient Multipliers for 1-out-of-3 Binary Signed-Digit Number System [Pdf]
    Maryam Saremi, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
  • Fast Voltage Stabilty Index based Optimal Reactive Power Planning Using Differential Evolution [Pdf]
    K.R.Vadivelu and.G.V.Marutheswar, S.V. University, India
  • Mutual Effect Between LFC And AVR Loops in Power Plant [Pdf]
    Siraparapu.Satyanarayana, R. K. Sharma and Mukta , Lovely Professional University, India