Volume 11

Optimisation Models for Transportation Network Design under Uncertainty: a Literature Review
  • Khadija Ait Mamoun1, 2, Lamia Hammadi1, 2, Eduardo Souza De Cursi2, Abdessamad El Ballouti1
    1National School of Applied Sciences, UCD, El Jadida, Morocco, 2LMN, National Institute of Applied Sciences INSA of Rouen, France


    Supply chain network is critical to serving customers, so the most common practices are to determine the number, location, and capacity of facilities. But at the same time, uncertainties and risks must be taken into account in order to control delays. In this context, many optimisation models have been developed to use the results in transportation network and therefore improve the supply chain performance. Models were developed in both routing and zoning/districting problems, and different cases have been discussed in the literature, such as facility location problems, urban problems, and transportation problems. This paper seeks to review the literature in this area and decompose the models into Mathematical modelling and Geometrical approaches. Distribution is an important part of the supply chain management, it is a process with multiple participants. This characteristic brings a high level of uncertainty. This article therefore presents the distribution process and in particular the design of the transportation network which can include both routing and districting problems.


    Supply chain Networks, Transportation, Uncertainties, Optimisation, Facility location, Distribution Logistics.

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