Volume 11

Optimal Assembly of Manufacturing Deviation Angle of Aeroengine Casing Parts
  • Li Zhaoyu1, Li Xiaoqiang1, Meng Qingkuo1, Zhang Bing2, Bao Hongqiang3 and Zhao Gang1
    1Beihang University, China, 2AVIC Shenyang Engine Design and Research Institute, China, 3AVIC Shenyang Liming Aero–Engine Co., Ltd., China


    Aiming at the problem that the assembly of aero-engine casing is not concentric, the manufacturing deviation of casing parts is analyzed and optimized. Firstly, the structural characteristics of aeroengine casing are analyzed. Then, considering the manufacturing deviation angle of the casing parts, the concentricity modeling of the aeroengine casing is completed by matrix calculation. According to the assembly deviation model, taking the assembly of casing parts in actual production as an example, the optimization assembly of manufacturing deviation angle of parts is carried out. The assembly scheme can reduce the maximum concentricity of the assembled casing from 0.12mm to about 0.03mm, which can be used to guide the actual assembly of the casing. It is of great significance to improve the assembly quality in the production, reduce the adjustment in the assembly process, and improve the assembly efficiency.


    Aero-engine, casing, assembly, angle, deviation, concentricity.

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