Volume 7

Design and Implementation of Carpool Data Acquisition Program Based on Web Crawler
  • Junlei Zhao and Bicheng Li
    Huaqiao University, Xiamen, China


    Now the public traffics make the life more and more convenient. The amount of vehicles in large or medium sized cities is also in the rapid growth. In order to take full advantage of social resources and protect the environment, regional end-to-end public transport services are established by analyzing online travel data. The usage of computer programs for processing of the web page is necessary for accessing to a large number of the carpool data. In the paper, web crawlers are designed to capture the travel data from several large service sites. In order to maximize the access to traffic data, a breadth-first algorithm is used. The carpool data will be saved in a structured form. Additionally, the paper has provided a convenient method of data collecting to the program.


    Web-crawler, carpool-data, structured

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