Volume 8

Through-Hole Exit Characteristics in Drilling Of TI6AL4V and Quality Improvement of Hole Exit
  • Quanli Han and Hongqiang Wan
    XiAn Technological University, China


    The removal of macro-burrs formed after drilling has always been a difficult engineering problem, especially on different-machined materials with through holes. This paper aims at presenting an investigation into hole exit characteristics of Ti6Al4V drilled. Plastic deformation at the end of the cutting process or blanking results into the forming of burr, whose degree of impact is mostly affected by the processing parameters, especially the axial feed. Series experiments were conducted to analysis the effect of processing parameter on formed burr. The volume of burr has great effect on work-piece quality and product cost, the burr height formed easily decreases because great attention from scholars and engineers has been paid to, while the burr width size despised naturally plays a great influence on product quality and machining cost. The new de-burring tool are designed and applied in experiment, the decrease in burr width is obviously found, so the removal of burrs becomes much little than that gotten in traditional tool. The resulting indicates a promising future of de-burring in practical application Journals.


    Drilling, Hole exit quality, Burr, De-burring

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