Volume 7

Influence Of Process Parameters On Performance Of Wire Edm By Multi objective Genetic Algorithm
  • Gajanand Rathore1 and Amber Batwara2
    1,2Department of Mechanical Engineering, Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur,302022.


    Wire EDM machines are developed to cut any type of material which have soft to hard behavior in present era. Material must have conductive in nature for this type of machine operation like metals, alloys etc. Wire EDM machine can cut complex design as well as simple design of cut by its nature, sometime very complex cut designs are also easily cut by this machine.

    The steady nature of parts being machined in wire electrical release machining is troublesome in light of the fact that the procedure parameters can't be controlled successfully. These are the greatest difficulties for the scientists and engineers. Producers endeavour to discover control variables to enhance the machining quality in view of their operational encounters, manuals or fizzled endeavours. Keeping in see the uses of material modern industrial steel (medium carbon steel), it has been chosen and has been machined on wire-cut EDM (Maxicut-e) of Electronica Machine Tools Limited. All experiments are carried out in CIPET, Jaipur.

    The target of the present work was to explore the impacts of the different WEDM process parameters on the machining quality and to acquire the ideal arrangements of process parameters with the goal that the nature of machined parts can be streamlined. The whole arrangement of investigations was done in a staged way. The analyses in each stage were rehashed three times. The Taguchi system has been utilized to explore the impacts of the WEDM procedure parameters and in this manner to foresee sets of ideal parameters for ideal quality attributes. The response surface approach (RSM) in conjunction with single piece and focus point configuration has been utilized to build up the observational models for reaction qualities. Development of mathematical models for cutting rate and cutting time using response surface methodology. MOGA optimization technique was also applied in this study for analysis and prediction of results.


    Wire EDM machine, DOE technique, RSM method, Modal equation, MOGA

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