Volume 12

Vibration Analysis of Airfoil Model with Nonlinear Hereditary Deformable Suspensions
  • Botir Usmonov, Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology, Uzbekistan


    In the present work, the vibratory behavior of an airfoil is discussed. The airfoil is considered as twodegree-of-freedom structure with hereditary deformable suspensions. The weak singular integrodifferential equation is numerically solved using numerical integration method. Finally, numerical results for the creep response and resonance behavior of the viscoelastic materials were analyzed. These results are obtained for the perfect elastic and viscoelastic suspensions with the nonlinearity feature. As demonstrated in the airfoil model, the equation of motion with hereditary and nonlinear terms successfully illustrate realistic vibratory characteristics of two-dimensional viscoelastic problems.


    Vibration analysis, hereditary deformable, integro-differential equation, viscoelastic.

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